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Get Cash for Brass Scrap Metal for South Perth Residents.

Do you have brass scrap metal? Do you want to get rid of that scrap brass metal for cash? Depending on how much copper and how much zinc is used in its construction, brass can be used for a huge range of applications. Not to be confused with copper scrap, brass scrap usually consists of yellow solid brass, tubing brass and casting brass.

Scrap Brass We Accept

When selling your scrap, it’s important to separate clean brass from contaminated brass otherwise you may see a decrease in value. The different types of brass scrap include:

  • Brass coast or dirty brass
  • Manganese or aluminium bronze
  • Brass turnings or brass swarf

What kind of scrap can Brass be in?

  • Bathroom and kitchen taps
  • Silverware
  • Antiques
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Zippers, musical instruments,
  • Doorknobs.

Bring your brass to the team at Premier Metal Recyclers for honest, onsite valuations.

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