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Removal for unwanted cars in Perth

Cars of every condition have value at Premier Metals Perth. With one call, we can be on our way to buy your unwanted car and pay cash. Our unwanted car removals are always offered at no cost and always scheduled at a convenient time for the vehicle owner. Get the kind of cash you want for your unwanted car, truck, SUV, 4×4, van, ute or motorcycle today. Give Premier Metal a call.

We have the auto buyers, as well as the facilities to take scrap cars and metals and fully recycle the products, making the most cash out of our recyclers.

    Car Removal Perth Wide
    Service – Top Cash For Scrap Cars

    Don’t pay to have someone come to collect your unwanted car. Premier Metal will do it for free. We are a car removal company that doesn’t charge a towing free to come collect vehicles. We offer free unwanted car removal on all types and conditions of vehicles, running or not.

    Whether you have a scrap vehicle sitting in your back yard or one that is nearly new parked in your driveway that you’d like to get out from under its debt, give Premier Metal a call.

    We are a car and truck removal company located in Perth that is fully licensed and insured and pays cash for cars on all unwanted car removals we perform. Our car removal services are ones that vehicle owners can relax, knowing that we are handling all aspects of their vehicle sale, removal or disposal.

    Our cash for cars removals is efficient taking less than an hour to complete. It is our system that customers rave about as they don’t have to do any prep work on their vehicle, any heavy work of loading and unloading, and they don’t have to deal with paperwork or any DMV hassles.

    We do it all, including bringing the necessary paperwork with us when we remove your unwanted car or truck. Our car removals mean cash for cars and cash for scrap cars as we are both an auto buyer and car wreckers.

    We are the experts in the business that don’t hesitate to offer good cash on your unwanted vehicle. Just give us a call and we’ll make you a cash offer that we think you’ll find appealing.

    Car Wreckers

    For vehicle owners with scrap, accident or junk cars, Premier Metal is a car wrecker that utilises the best in equipment and techniques to perform 100 percent eco-friendly car disposals. Our car disposals consist of tearing a vehicle apart and recycling all the parts and steel to recondition all the parts and metals into new products. With a full recycle, vehicle owners don’t have to shop around town for the best price on their unwanted vehicle. They get a good price at Premier Metal.

    We are the car wreckers that accept, buy and dispose of any make and model of any age and condition. Our car removals and disposals are always free and always mean a cash payment. Give us a call today to get a free unwanted car removal and cash for your unwanted scrap, accident or junk vehicle.

    Contact Us Today

    For the best offer and fast removals, give Premier Metal a call.
    We can be there within 24 hours with cash to complete the transaction.

    Call us at 08 6252 8500